Granny’s cushion with cherry stone filling

Cushions with cherry stone filling is my granny’s old remedy against :

- stomachache or baby’s colic

- headache or neck pains

- backache

- sprains or contusions 

It can be used instead of a hot-water bottle.

granny’s cushions are handmade with love with organic fabrics and are provided with its organic cotton case.

Two sizes available :
small cushion: 14cm x17cm - 200gr
big cushion: 14cm x 28cm - 400gr

Interested in a made-to-measure knittwear ? Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about what you would like !

  • Granny's cushion with cherry stone filling and its cover "Pink whale" Granny's cushions with cherry stone filling are a legacy of my grandmother. They are hand made with love in certified organic cotton. They are an old remedy against: stomachache or baby's colic, headache, neck pains, backache, or sprains or contusions... Do you wish something special ?...

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