About us

Crapules and its values

Crapules is a Swiss brand of children's clothing and accessories that wants to contribute, in its own little way, to creating a better world for the generations to come. 

And it starts with clothing and accessories created in an environmentally friendly way, respectful of others, without compromising comfort and design. 

At the heart of Crapules, you will find the values of ecology, fair trade and diversity.

Our products are gender neutral to open the field of possibilities for children from a very young age.

All our fabrics come from organic farming and are certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

In the same spirit, our packaging is made of recycled paper. 

Fair trade is embedded in our business through respectful cooperation with farmers, textile workers and their families.

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Our products are gender neutral to open the field of possibilities for children from a very young age.

Production and partnership

A part of Crapules' production is quietly and lovingly handmade from the cosy nest of one of its creator, in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Another part of production is entrusted to Mila Fair Trade Clothing, chosen for its values and the quality of its services. All its products are labeled GOTS and guaranteed Fair trade

Crapules also entrusted the printing of its cushion notices the social printing company Trajets ...and this is just the beginning !

What’s behind Crapules? The desire of a mother – like more and more today - to find for her two children clothes and accessories combining gender neutrality, organic fabric, design and affordable prices. 

To start off, Crapules was fortunate to benefit from incredible and countless skills of passionate people. Each of them, in his or herown very special way, contributed to making this dream come true.

What are their motivations? Share their passion, contribute to a project they believe in, show solidarity, support a friend … 

Crapules is a brand from what we call in French the « System D », which evolves over time with the means at hand, exploring ways to reach its full potential… a project in itself ! 

More than a brand, a project in itself 

Behind the brand, Crapules hides a concept, a real project that will translate into several stages before reaching its goal !

In addition to the values of ecology, fair trade and diversity, which are the heart of the brand, Crapules would like to add long-term values of inclusion, social cohesion, and education. So still more to come !

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